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Your Trainer – Hanna Forrest, ACSM CPT

IMG_6137Hanna Forrest is an accomplished ACSM certified personal trainer and nutritionist. For over ten years, Hanna has successfully helped clients transform themselves by progressing clients through individualized programming, and focused attention on lifestyle management. Hanna has worked for MediFit, a corporate wellness company as well as a head coach position for the YMCA. Hanna has been the trainer for the award winning participants of Team Training at the Y for three consecutive years.

Fit360 is about helping each and every individual find their personal best, in all aspects of wellness.

  • ‣ ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ‣ Nutrition for Weight-Loss Specialist
  • ‣ Lifestyle Management Specialist – Busy mother of three!
  • ‣ Trainer of award winning participants in Team Training three years standing
  • ‣ Committed to progression and safety
  • ‣ Experienced Pre- and Post-natal training
  • ‣ Post physical therapy training
  • ‣ Dedicated with focus to each and every client’s progression.

I’ll see you through, until you find your personal best.

Concept and 360 Services

With a focus on lifestyle management, fit all of these components into a busy life.


Metabolism function, weight loss/gain, clean foods

Cardiovascular Endurance and Speed

Finally learn to enjoy moving through space

Muscular Strength

Gain lean muscle mass for optimal metabolism function


Yoga inspired stretching for repair, stress relief and injury prevention


Personal Training

1 Hour Sessions

45 min workout, includes flexibility work and nutrition consultation.

$60 per session or 4 pack – $55 per session

30 Min Sessions

$45 per session or 4 pack $35 per session 



45 min | Groups of 4 or more | $20 per session or 4 pack$15 per session

$15 drop in/$25 for 2
Limit 7 per class

* ALL LEVELS WELCOME, modifications are always available *

*Classes are small, so participants are progressed over time, akin to small group personal training*

Interval Training

On cardio machines: Learn how to significantly boost your metabolic rate (metabolism) with this short duration high intensity cardio workout. Work at your own personal best pace.

Boot Camp

Indoor and Outdoor: A super fun workout using a variety of equipment for high calorie burn through cardiovascular and strength endurance work.

Lean Muscle Up

Group strength training: Weight bearing exercises to increase muscle density for optimal metabolism function.

Mom’s Night Nutrition Parties

Gather friends for an hour of fun nutrition talk. BYOB but healthy apps are provided! (Separate fees apply)

Apps include: healthy buffalo chicken fingers, spinach and leek dip, and mushroom and goat cheese poppers.


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